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RiscStation Ltd. is amongst the first non-Acorn RISC OS manufacturers. It is not only their well-specced machines that sets them apart but also the unique future prospect of RiscStation. These systems are equipped with the brand new RISC OS 4 operating system. StarLight Corp. is therefore delighted for this advanced development on the RISC OS market.

Acorn is ARM powered!

Of course if you would like to see a RISC OS computer at work, I can give you a list of users, you can pay me visit or you can go to an Acorn users group. For pricing of these machines just call (voice or fax), email, meet me at IRC (on IRCnet channel: #Acorn) or pay me visit. I live in the centre of Antwerp near the Ring.

RiscStation RISC computers: European innovation at top level.

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PCI Upgrade projects:

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