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To anyone who wants to know what Acornmachines are. I've included a small featureslist on the Web. This list describes some technical features on different models. However it gives no information on the operating system that's been used exclusively by these machines. RISC OS 3 is probably the best OS that I've ever seen or used so far.

StrongARM Risc PC   Acorn is ARM powered!

Of course if you would like to see an Acorn computer at work, I can give you a list of users, you can pay me visit or you can go to an Acorn users group. For pricing of these machines just call (voice or fax), email, meet me at IRC (on IRCnet channel: #Acorn) or pay me visit. I live in the centre of Antwerp near the Ring.

Acorn 32-bits RISC computers are living proof that the best computers are still build in Europe.


Risc PC

Risc PC

A total new concept in computing. The first, low-cost, multi-processor, personal RISC computer. Unlimited internal and external expansion capabilities. E.g. up to 260MB RAM, up to 5 cpu's, up to 8 external case upgrades including power supplies... This Multi-platform design can even use different types of cpu. What about a 486DX4/100 and an ARM Risc cpu inside the same computer? It displays up to 16001200 pixels controlled by a 64-bits video-accelerator with its own fast VideoRAM. 32-bits Display depth (24-bits colour information with 8-bits transparency mask) for more than 16 million colours on screen. 16-bits CD-Quality Stereo sound output with internal audio input and mixing circuitry. 32-bits Expansion ports (up to 8) with direct memory access (DMA). Enhanced parallel and serial ports for high speed external modems, printers and scanners. Build in support for ATAPI CD-ROMdrive. Build in network possibilities. A greatly improved Risc OS to support the unlimited potential of these machines.

Risc PC

586-100Mhz PC card

SA cpu

Dhrystone MIPS v2.1
Risc PC 700 (40 Mhz)32 MIPS
Intel DX2-66 PC (66 Mhz)23 MIPS
Intel Pentium 200 PC (200 Mhz)169 MIPS
StrongARM Risc PC (200 Mhz)204 MIPS

Phoebe 2100/Risc PC II

By the end of this summer Acorn will introduce a new RISC computer. Considering the fact that first models will use the same 233Mhz SA-110 as used in present models, this machine will have at least a 2 or 3 fold performance increase compared to existing 233Mhz StrongARM Risc PC. Naturally this machine is prepared to use new ARM & StrongARM cpu's when they arrive which will increase performance even further.

The proposed configuration will be as follows: 20X speed CD-ROMdrive, 1.6MB/1.44MB floppydrive, at least 32MB RAM, at least a 2GB harddrive. The new machine will accept PCI-expansion cards as well as existing Acorn's proprietary DEBI-podules. The maximum capacity of both its internal memory and video-subsystem have been doubled. Just as existing models this system uses replaceable cpu's and is prepared for multi-processor technology. The support chips are ready though the supporting operating system is yet under development.

At launch time the machine will be delivered with a new Risc OS (Acorn's native single processor multitasking 32-bits RISC operating system), called Risc OS 4, until the new multiprocessor OS (codenamed: Galileo) is a reality. There is already work being done to add multiprocessor support into existing Unix-variants and we await a small multiprocessorboard containing 4 StrongARM cpu's shortly after the machine's launch.

Acorn Ltd. recently made an announcement in which she declares to withdrawn from the consumer desktop computermarket. This caused that further development and the imminent release of Phoebe 2100 has ceased. However all present systems will be kept on sale and will remain to be supported. Acorn Ltd. has promised to support to existing userbase wherever they can. First steps in this direction will be set at mid-januari 1999 when RISC OS 4, originally planned for Phoebe 2100/Risc PC 2, is going to be released for owners of present StrongARM RISC OS machines. This is a major step backwards for the innovative hardware development of the only European consumer desktop personal computer system.
A sad moment on the eve of a united Europe!

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