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On this page you'll find info on the progress and development of this website. We'll try to make this page as thorough as possible but no guarantees.

Things you ought to know:

  • StarLight Corp. deserves the right to change any information on these pages without notice.
  • StarLight Corp. is a Flemish group/company.
  • All © & ™ are acknowledged and remain of their respective owners. Any © infringement is unintended.


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    Op deze bladzijde vindt je info over de ontwikkelingen van deze website. We kunnen niet garanderen dat de hier verspreide informatie volledig up-to-date is.

    Belangrijke info:

  • StarLight Corp. heeft het recht om zonder voorafgaande verwittiging informatie op deze pagina's te wijzigen.
  • StarLight Corp. is een Vlaamse groep/bedrijf.
  • Alle © & ™ blijven eigendom van hun respectievelijke eigenaars. Mogelijke overtredingen op © zijn niet opzettelijk.






  • Updated techpages, pricelistpage and flash animation.


  • Updated Promo PC, updated Flash animation (EURO pricing).


  • Flash promo-try-out.


  • Fixed language errors. Fixed shadow files and wrong links. Promotions page updated.


  • New promotions uploaded. Fixed form through free formprocessing-company.


  • New promotions uploaded.


  • Moved site to faster location. Validated links. I think there's still a problem with our forms.


  • New promotions uploaded. Removed old text/PDF-pricelists. Updated link to RISC OS PDF-reader. From Februari 2001 we can deliver our computers in proximity of Antwerp City FREE of charge.


  • New promotions uploaded.


  • New promotions uploaded.


  • Uploaded a slightly updated website to the new domain.


  • Made arangements for the domain name


  • Uploaded a new PC-pricelist with improved models and pricing. I've adjusted the PC-pricelist so that ppl take better notice that we deliver Linux as primary OS on our PC's. We now have PC systems available with AMD's new ATHLON cpu.


  • Added a new RISC OS products pricelist with pricing of RiscStation machines.


  • Added RiscStation pages. Placed RiscStation links to info pages. The only thing left to be done is a new RISC OS pricelist.


  • Added summer sales to promotions page. Pages adjusted to make sure that ppl understand that we deliver Linux as OS on our PC's.


  • First public appearance of the new website! Final adjustements were made. Not all newsgroups are accesible but I have to find a newsserver who carries them all. Anyway I hope ppl like what we've done.


  • That goddamn PC broke. Since I use the PC as my Gateway because of the faster modem I minimise my netacces untill I sorted my PC-problems out. It's probably gonna be new components (new M/B, new cpu etc...). Never knew that upclocking a PC could be so hazardous. They certainly ain't StrongARM Risc PC's... :-!


  • I hope to finish the few remaining pages and get this site ready for upload. The new PDF-pricelists will have to wait until after the weekend.


  • Most pages have been completed in the final lay-out. The site is not uploaded yet.


  • Only company pages have been finalized atm but all links are working. The next step is transferring data from the old website, especially the Acorn pages, into the new one.


  • I began to think of a complete overhaul of the old StarLight Corp. website. That website had just to many longwinded images, looked chaotic and it took ages to even retrieve the front page. It also occurred to me that I didn't make full use of the WWW as an information retrieval/spreading mechanism which is a shame since StarLight Corp.'s members have been in the IT-world for many years (I might even say decades :-) ).

    The first conceptional designs began to simplify our website yet to broaden it's appeal to many more people on the internet.

    © StarLight Corp.